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Liquid Relay Lite

LiquidRelayLite - Silicon Soft Inc.

Available end of February 2011

Liquid Relay Lite is the free version of Liquid Relay. A pipe puzzle game with the goal of building a pipe structure which will allow the liquid to flow as long as possible. The pipe structure is built with various different pipe segments or pieces.

It is a race against time to see how many pipe pieces you can add end to end to guide the liquid from one pipe piece to the next until all available spaces are taken.

Differences with Liquid Relay

There are three main diferences between the lite and standard version.

  1. Not all game modes are available.

    The lite version of Liquid Relay does not have the obstacle game paly mode available in the standard version.

  2. Smaller playing grid.

    The standard version of Liquid Relay has 10 row, but the lite version has 9 rows.

  3. Only the Basic pipe piece set is available.

    Liquid Relay Lite uses only the Basic Pipe piece set for the game. The standard version of Liquid Relay includes the Extended Pipe piece set, which places constaints on the direction the liquid may flow.

  4. Ads.

    The Lite version of Liquid Relay displays ads from Apple while you play the game. The standard i version of Liquid Relay does not.