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Game Rules

This page describes the rules by which the game is played. Take a few minutes to read the rules, then play the game!

Game Layout

The screen is divided into 3 main parts: game grid, the queue, and the menu button.

The game grid is the 8 by 10 board which will be used to construct the path through which the liquid will flow. There is no scrolling or wrapping around, so what yousee is what you get. The queue is the 1 by 6 square section which will display the available pipe pieces which may be used to build the pipe path. Finally there is the menu button which allows you to congtrol the game.


Starting A New Game

When starting the game you will see the screen shot displayed to the right. At the bottom it the selection queue which displays the pipe pieces availabel to be possitioned on the gmae board, above the game queue.

On the game board, the start valve is visible and indicates the location from which the liquid will start to flow. On top of the start valve is an empty circle which starts to be filled in blue. The empty circle is a time delay indicator displaying the amount of time left until the liquid starts to flow. Once the circle has been completely filled, the circle will disappear and the liquid will begin to flow.


Positioning Pipe Pieces

To position a piece from the queue to the game board, you must first select the pipe piece by touching it with your finger. Once the pipe piece is selected, a green circle will appear on the selected pipe piece. You may no touch any square on the game board to position the pipe piece.

Do not worry if you have touched the wrong square. You can still reposition the pipe piece by touching another square on the game board. You may reposition a pipe pice as long as another pipe piece has not been selected in the queue. Once another pipe piece is selected on the queue, the piece may not be moved.

Once you are satisfied with the position of the pipe piece on the game board, then you may choose another piece from the queue to move to the game board. Pieces removed from the queue are replaced by new pieces randomly.

Any piece on the board which has not been filled, or started to be filled, may be replaced by the piece which is currently selected in the queue. Be careful. Replacing pipe pieces on the game board will cost you penalty points.


Keeping Score

Points are awarded, and added to your score, every time the liquid completes flowing through a pipe piece. When the level is completed bonus points are calculated and awarded for each intersection piece in which the liquid has flowed in both directions.

Penalty points are also subtracted at the completion of a level for each of the following actions.

  • Replacing a pipe piece on the board.
  • All pieces which are not part of the flow path.


Game Over

In order to advance to the next level during game play, a certain number of pipe piece must be possitioned on the game board and must become part of the flow path. The number of pieces required to be part of the flow path in order to successfully complete each level increases every time you advance a level. The game will end when the number of pieces in the flow path is less than the number required to advance to the next level.