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Below you will answers to frequently asked questions. If there is some question which you have that is not answered below please send email to .

  1. The flow moves in a direction which is different from the one indicated on intersection pieces or cross pieces.

    Answer:Intersection pipe pieces which contain a liquid flow restriction will permit the liquid to flow, unless the restriction is in a direction which is directly opposite of liquid flow.

  2. The game is very difficult to play.

    Answer:Please got to the iPhone Settings and select Liquid Relay. You will now be able to set the difficulty level to Easy.

  3. The bonus points at the end of a level is negative. Why?

    Answer: Bonus points are awarded for each intersection piece for which the flow has passed in both directions. On the other hand, if a pipe piece is added to the game, and this pipe piece is not used to direct the flow then points will be removed.

  4. Why do points differ with different difficulty levels?

    Answer: The points awarded differ with the difficulty selected. This is to recognize the extra skill needed to play the game at a higher difficulty level.

  5. The game does not pause when the menu button is pressed.

    Answer:Since this is a game of quick thinking, pausing the game would not permit a fair score calculation. Therefore the game is not paused when the menu button is pressed.

  6. There is no sound when I play the game even though I have turn the sound on in the iPhone Settings.

    Answer: Check that you have not silenced the ringer. On the iPhone If you have silenced the ringer the game will not make any sound.

  7. How do you pause the game?

    Answer: You cannot pause the game while playing a level. This decision was made in order to get a score based on a fixed time.