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Magic Circle Life Score (Coming soon.)

Magic Circle Life Score is a life counter for the game Magic The Gathering. It keeps track of a player's life score during a game.

Magic The Gathering is a strategy game using collectable game cards. Players use the collectable cards to build decks they use to have duels with other players.


The EchoScope application is pretty simple. It creates a graphical representation of ping data. It is an application used for examining, monitoring, network latency between the iPhone and any host connected on the Internet using IPv4.

The app gathers network latency statistics, performs some simple statistical analysis and plots the data on a graph. The graphing functionality permits you to select on of three colour themes for plotting the data. It is possible to define commonly used host so they can be accessed by a tap.


Liquid Relay for the iPhone

Our first application Liquid Relay pipe puzzle game is currently available for purchase on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Liquid Relay, the pipe puzzle game, offers hours of fun trying to build a path for the liquid to flow. As you start the game, the pressure builds at the start valve, allowing you a few seconds to start your pipe path before the pressure pushes the liquid out of the start valve. Are you fast enough to stay ahead of the liquid flow. Can you connect the minimum number of pipe pieces needed to get to the next level? It's time to challenge yourself.

Once you have mastered the Basic Pipe Set try the Extended Pipe Set! Now you have to build your path with a new set of pipe pieces and this time some of the pieces allow the liquid to flow in one direction only.

Do you need more of a challenge? Increase the speed of the liquid flow from Easy, to Medium, then take it all the way to Hard. Are you fast enough?


LiquidRelay Lite

Liquid Relay Lite for the iPhone

This application is similar to LiquidRelay, it contains the basic functionality minus some advanced playing modes. It is available for free on the Apple app store.